Alameda Sun: Sports Fields Byproducts of Suncal Plan


If SunCal's initiative appears on the Nov. 3 ballot and voters give the developer the go-ahead, the company has plans in place to build much more than the 4,800 homes that have caused so much controversy. According to SunCal's Pat Keliher, Alameda Point will include recreational areas that will be accessible not just to Point dwellers, but to all Alamedans as well. The developer's plans include more than 6.5 miles of public trails for walking or jogging and 15 miles of trails for bicycling.

However, the 2009 Alameda Point Draft Redevelopment Master Plan (available at, a SunCal-sponsored Web site) is just that, a draft. Debbie Potter, Base Reuse and Redevelopment Division Manger, was unavailable before press time. But according to Alameda Redevelopment Services, the city cannot sign off on any agreement until the SunCal initiative either passes or fails in the Nov. 3 election. The draft master plan is binding to neither SunCal nor the city of Alameda.