Alameda Sun: Point Cleanup on Track, Navy Says


At last Tuesday evening's Alameda Reuse and Rehabilitation (ARRA) confab Councilmember Frank Matarrese presented highlights of the last Alameda Point Restoration and Advisory Board (RAB) meeting held on March 4.

Matarrese told the council that the Navy is continuing to remove and replace radioactively contaminated storm-drain lines that run from buildings 5 and 400 and discharge into the Seaplane Lagoon — work the Navy must finish before tackling the cleanup of the contaminated sediment in the lagoon itself. The Navy says that it is preparing to sample the sediment in the lagoon to aid in the removal of any radioactive sediment.

[Meeting Note:]
Historic Public Forum
on Environmental Cleanup
Featuring Navy, regulatory agencies,
and advisory board.
Review of past, present, and future cleanup efforts.
Hosted by ARRA at a Special Meeting at
Mastick Senior Center
Santa Clara Ave. at St. Charles St.
Thursday, May 6 at 7 pm.