Alameda Sun: Next Set of Point Plans Made Public, May 19, 2016


Next Monday, May 23, the Planning Board will host a public workshop to discuss and hear public comment on blocks 6 and 7 at Alameda Point’s Site A. In addition, the workshop will review the designs for West Atlantic Street (to become the western extension of Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway) and the Point’s new gateway. The board will also consider proposed street names for the side streets at Site A. The board will take no final actions at this meeting.

Block 6 includes 64 attached townhomes in 11 individual buildings of between four and eight units each. Each unit includes a private two car-garage and two or three stories of living space.

Block 7 includes 60 attached townhomes in a similar configuration as Block 6. The units are between 1,521 square feet and 2,357 square feet in size. Forty-four of the units have two-car private garages and 16 of the units have one-car private garages. All Block 6 and 7 units are three stories high.

Current concepts for Alameda Point’s new gateway just west of Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway (called West Atlantic Avenue inside the former Naval Air Station) and Main Street include a landscaped plaza on each corner of the West Atlantic Avenue on the west side of Main Street. According to city staff, “These plazas will mark the entry into Alameda Point and the intersection of the north-south cycle track along Main Street and the east-west cycle track along West Atlantic/Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway.”