Alameda Sun: Mayor Calls Election Report a 'Must Read'


In a recent posting on the city's Web site, Mayor Beverly Johnson has encouraged Alameda voters to familiarize themselves with SunCal's proposed initiative by reading the election report that city staff prepared.

Last March 26 Kathy Moehring, on behalf of SunCal — officially known as SCC Alameda Point, LLC — submitted the Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative to the city. On April 21 the city council directed staff to prepare an election report to address the city's concerns.

Among the issues that the council asked city staff to address were the initiative's fiscal impact and its effect on the city's general and specific plans. City council also directed staff to study the initiative's effect on the use of land, its impact on the availability and location of housing and the ability of the city to meet its regional housing needs.