Alameda Sun: Election Hi-Jinks Continue [SunCal], October 28, 2010


SunCal (Argent Management) tries to hide shady dealings, just not very well

The cute Post-it note on Sweeney's check added a personal touch. "Good luck," the note read. But there was nothing personal about these checks. Despite the Oakland postmark and the Alameda return address, these checks came from the Southland — from Irvine to be exact. That's right; Irvine the home of SunCal (and, if you are na?ve enough not to be aware, at the very same address, Argent Management, which is apparently SunCal's new name.)

The Alameda Sun contacted SunCal and asked why the developer was sending checks with a phony Oakland postmark and a fake Alameda return address that only exists in SunCal's imagination. The call was referred to company spokesperson David Soyka.