Alameda Sun: The Deal: The Land Swaps in a Nutshell, March 21, 2014


• The school district will receive $1.2 million from the Alameda Housing Authority and $750,000 from the city. The district will use all of this money (except $500,000 reserved to cover legal fees) to renovate the Encinal High School pool. The district will also receive title to a 20-acre parcel at Alameda Point.

• The district will give up 17.05 acres of tideland property along the Oakland Estuary and a 12-acre parcel at Alameda Point to the city, and the .83 acres that once housed Everett and Island High schools to the Alameda Housing Authority. The background In 1991 city and school leaders inked an “Agreement between Alameda Unified School District and the City of Alameda.” As part of this agreement the city received title to the property where students once attended Mastick School, the site of today’s Mastick Senior Center.