Alameda Sun: Council Tours Point’s Future Development, April 23, 2019


According to a February 2019 city memorandum, Nautilus has been interested in developing a data storage facility at Alameda Point for approximately two years. “Initially, Nautilus was interested in locating its water-cooled data storage system on a barge at the piers, a technology it is currently piloting at the Port of Stockton,” the memo states. However, after touring Alameda Point and seeing Building 530 and its proximity to the water and its lack of windows, affording privacy, the company thought the building would be ideal for a land-based, water-cooled data storage facility.

The memo also pointed out that Nautilus would “become one of the largest consumers of energy from Alameda Municipal Power, which is important for the infrastructure development at Alameda Point and the community.”

Astra Space is currently working on a build-out of Building 360, the second stop on the tour. The company currently works out of Building 397, a 17,400-square-foot structure that the Navy built to overhaul aircraft and test jet engines. The company raised more than a few eyebrows last February, when neighbors (and a Channel 7 news helicopter) spotted a rocket emerging from this building (“Company Testing Rocket Technology,” Feb. 22, 2018).