Alameda Magazine: MythBusters Will Go Out With a Bang, December 2015


MythBusters fans take note: the Discovery Channel’s longest running series will premiere one final season on Jan. 9, 2016. “After 248 episodes, 2,950 experiments, 1,050 myths, and 900 explosions, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will say goodbye to the series this winter,” the Discovery Channel announced this fall.

After the final season airs, the MythBusters library will move to Discovery’s sister network, the Science Channel, where the MythBusters legacy will live on. And Alamedans will be left reminiscing about the good ol’ days, when hosts Hyneman and Savage and the rest of the MB crew could be seen blowing stuff up and doing other weird antics on the abandoned runways at Alameda Point, as they tested theories, debunked myths, and made science experimentation look fun and cool.

“I liked the episode where they blew up a pig carcass,” said Ted Levitt, a librarian at Alameda’s Main Library on Oak Street.

“My favorite was the zombie one,” said Jessica Thiragirayuta, referring to the “Zombie Special” in which Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead demonstrated the best way to dispatch the undead.

“It’s pretty cool how they chose Alameda out of all places to shoot,” added Thiragirayuta, who works for the city’s finance department. And there’s no question that the seven-time Emmy-nominated series, which premiered on Discovery in January 2003, helped put Alameda on the map. That’s because a good chunk of the show’s episodes were filmed on the abandoned runways of the former naval base at Alameda Point.