Alameda Business Magazine: Alameda's New Billion Dollar Green Company: An Exclusive Interview With Wrightspeed CEO Ian Wright, Part One, April 2015


Q1: Why did you choose Alameda and Hanger 41 for your manufacturing site?

Ian Wright:

“The main driver was getting the right kind of building. So, we have an unusual requirement In that we have a bunch of highly paid engineers and workers that sit in nice offices with views with computers and do knowledge work, and then we have industrial shop space. We have a machine shop, and we get garbage trucks and we pull them apart and install things and put them back together again. So we need shop space with a big enough roll up door that we can bring in a full-size garbage truck in and a high enough ceiling so we can lift it up. And we need nice office space as well. So we have this sort of 50/50 requirement. And you can find industrial buildings where you can work on garbage trucks, no problem. But they tend to be in industrial areas that are not very nice for the employees, and they don’t have nice office space in them. You can build out, but you’re still stuck in an industrial area. Or you can find office space but there’s no way to get the room to work on big trucks. So hanger 41 has the best of both worlds. We can build out nice office space with views right next to the water and have plenty of space to bring in the trucks and lift them up to work on.”