Housing Density


SunCal claims that the housing density of their project, per square mile, replicates the housing density on the main island of Alameda.

“With an area of 1.4 square miles, the Alameda Point redevelopment project will have 4,841 units. This equates to a density less than the current density of the remainder of the island. The Alameda Point redevelopment project will hold 3,458 household per square mile.” (Source: SunCal’s Optional Entitlement Application, Attachment L.)


SunCal's comparison is misleading because it includes the 200+ acres that make up the Northwest Territories, producing an artificially low density, even though the map they compare their project to is “the inhabited portion of Alameda Island.” The Northwest Territories is Public Trust land on which housing construction is prohibited and nothing is currently planned.

A more accurate, apples-to-apples density comparison would compare only the SunCal mixed-use area with the main island of Alameda, which it seeks to replicate in density. Leaving the Northwest Territories out of the comparison produces an Alameda Point density of 4,400 households per square mile vs Alameda main island density of 3,465 households per square mile.

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