Candidate Ezzy Ashcraft's answers to the Sierra Club Questionnaire

Regional Development:
Yes, I think it is very important that Alameda consider regional issues when developing Alameda Point. My vision for Alameda Point is a fiscally and environmentally sustainable, transit-oriented, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly mixed-use development that includes a variety of housing types, with highest density residential located within 1/4 mile of the ferry terminal and transit hub; commercial/light industry/manufacturing uses; retail and recreational uses.

Wildlife Refuge:
Alameda Point needs a National Wildlife Refuge to protect the Least Tern colony from predators, and toxic remediation needs to continue. I would support the efforts of whichever federal agency offers an acceptable solution to these issues. I believe the Veterans Administration proposal for administrative offices, a clinic and columbarium offers potential for job creation — and perhaps a partnership with Alameda Hospital — and would also offer badly needed services for our veterans and their families, but I do not favor locating these uses in the area of the proposed National Wildlife Refuge.

Alameda Point Environmental Restoration:
0% [of the base has been transferred or is ready for transfer]. It is currently estimated that of the 845 acres identified as needing cleanup investigations and work: 13% is still being investigated, 32% is through investigation and the final remedy will soon be selected, 33% is undergoing final site cleanup, and 22% needs no further environmental work. All remedial actions at Alameda Point are projected for completion between 2011 and 2017. (Alameda Point Focus, Summer 2010)

No, [residential standards are not the same as unrestricted use]. The level to which toxic waste will be remediated and the cost of that clean-up has been a longstanding point of contention between the City and the Navy. I side with the City on this subject.