Press Release from Tony Daysog, September 14, 2010

September 14, 2010

The following is a press release issued by Tony Daysog for Mayor of Alameda

"After months of meeting residents, I look forward to City of Alameda Democratic
Club's Candidate's Forum, which will be held tomorrow night from 7:00 pm to 9:00
pm at the Alameda Hospital (2070 Clinton Ave.).

"An important matter that I will discuss is that we need to get Alameda Point
going, particularly by finding the right private sector developer who can build
a mix of stylish, upscale homes to create a tax base that then pays for new
infrastructure and amenities for the enjoyment by all Alamedans, such as
waterfront paths with stunning views of San Francisco and a world-class
multi-sports complex for all ages.

"There will be clear differences of opinion between candidates, including this
key issue: I will argue that City Council's recent decision to create at Alameda
Point a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) controlled by the Port of Oakland and operated
by the container trucking company Matson takes us down the wrong path.

"While other mayoral aspirants will argue that pursuing the FTZ does not mean
Alameda Point will become a 'dumping ground' of polluting trucks and container
cargoes, I will say that flies in the face of the fact that the FTZ is
controlled by the Port of Oakland and operated by Matson, asking the question,
'Could there be more obvious red flags than that?'

"I will hammer the point even more saying Council's 'if there are warts we'll
fix it later' approach is the very same ad-hoc approach that got Alameda in
trouble with the failed SunCal corporation: there were obvious red flags with
this entity that contributed to the Measure B fiasco.

"I will acknowledge the fact the first business considering taking advantage of
the FTZ at Alameda Point is an entity that will assemble goods manufactured in
China, but then return to my theme that, nonetheless, the presence of Matson and
the Port at Alameda Point harms the community's vision of Alameda Point as a
mixed-use site with stylish neighborhoods and quality, non-polluting industries.

"I will draw on my ten-year experience on City Council, professional experience
in the field of urban planning, my Master's degree in City Planning from UC
Berkeley, and my success in demolishing dilapidated former military housing and
replacing those with the new community called Bayport, to underscore the message
about the need to 'aim high' when it comes to planning Alameda Point and all of
our City."

For more information, contact Tony Daysog at 510-864-7593
Tony Daysog for Mayor of Alameda 2010

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