Candidate Bonta's answers to the Democratic Club Questionnaire

I believe that we should pursue sound and thoughtful development of Alameda Point. Alameda Point is one-third of our City and lies in a prime Bay Area location. But the use of Alameda Point is not currently being optimized. It has been approximately 15 years since the Navy left and the Point, to a large degree, is lying fallow.

But we do not just need any development, we need the right development.

I believe that we need to consider our full range of options for Alameda Point. Community input will be critical to what we ultimately decide to do.

Any decision I make regarding how best to develop Alameda Point will be guided by three critical principles: (1) Financial soundness, (2) job creation, and (3) traffic mitigation.

Guided by these three principles, I believe that we should move the development of Alameda Point along with a degree of urgency, while also moving thoughtfully and carefully.

If done right, we can improve the quality of life for all Alamedans and create wonderful public amenities for the entire community to enjoy (parks, open space, sports fields, thriving waterfront business and entertainment districts, commercial, retail, etc.—in short, a world class mixed-use development) while also creating jobs (mostly in light industry, including, but not limited to, green economy jobs) and generating tax revenue (transfer tax, property tax, sales tax, utility users tax, business license fees, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) payments, and building permit and inspection fees), which revenue will support other programs and services that our community values most, such as our schools and our public safety (Police and Fire).

After four years in office, I would hope that the cleanup at Alameda Point is complete or nearly complete and that a clear plan has been approved and supported by the community and City leaders and is well under way.

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