Tour of the Enterprise District (Formerly Site B) at Alameda Point [Departs WETA Facility at 6:30 p.m. and returns at 7:15 p.m.]; and Recommendation to Authorize Staff to Market a 23.9-Acre Portion (Phase 1) of the Enterprise District, April 22, 2019



1. Alameda Point Sub Area Illustration
2. Map of the Enterprise District
3. Map of the Enterprise District (4-Block Area + Phase 1 infrastructure improvements)



With the commencement of development of Site A at Alameda Point, critical infrastructure improvements are underway that are an important prerequisite to marketing and redevelopment of the Enterprise District (formerly Site B). The Enterprise District is the sub-area of Alameda Point Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan shown in Exhibit 1 that is zoned for new commercial development and uses that will create an employment center adjacent to the future ferry terminal at the Seaplane Lagoon. This staff report describes the 82-acre Enterprise District, and its four development blocks which total 67 net developable acres, and recommends that the City Council authorize staff to market, through Cushman and Wakefield, Phase 1 of the District, a 23.9 gross acre parcel adjacent to Main Street, and bordered by Pacific, Orion and West Ticonderoga.