Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal Plan, April 5, 2016


Project Description
Introduction and Purpose

The Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) signed between Alameda Point Partners (APP) and the City of Alameda envisions the development of a new ferry service between Alameda Point’s Seaplane Lagoon and San Francisco. The Seaplane Lagoon ferry will create a transit hub at the heart of Alameda Point, encouraging Alameda Point residents and employers/employees and existing Alameda residents to be transit users.
The new ferry will not only help minimize peak-hour vehicle trips, but it will also significantly increase the possibility of attracting major commercial users to Alameda Point. A number of prospective commercial tenants that include higher-intensity employment uses, such as office uses, have indicated that the new ferry terminal and service is an important factor in locating at Alameda Point. Additionally, the location of the new ferry terminal at the foot of Pacific Avenue was planned carefully to minimize conflicts with recreational users within the 110-acre Seaplane Lagoon.

The City is coordinating with APP to construct a ferry dock and terminal within the Seaplane Lagoon. APP will contribute $10 million toward the terminal development costs including the permitting and construction of the ferry terminal.. The target date for ferry operations to commence is 2020 but operations may commence sooner if vessels, the ferry terminal and operating funds are in place before that date. The City and APP are also collaborating in this effort with the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), which will operate the ferry service and manage the terminal facilities. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WETA and the City is being presented to Council in tandem with this Plan.