[Oakland] CENTRAL CITY EAST PROJECT AREA COMMITTEE [Minutes], September 11, 2006


Presentation by Suncal Representatives for Oak Knoll area

Pat Keliher, the Suncal representative, provided background information about Suncal,
a history of the Oak Knoll area, and a summary of Suncal’s actions to date in regards to the
Oak Knoll site.
Pat Keliher explained that Suncal is a pure developer, which allows Suncal to hand
pick the best builders for their product. They are probably the largest developer in California
and in the West Coast. Pat provided the history of the Oak Knoll area and showed various
changes over time. The plan is to demolish every structure on the site except for the Club
Knoll property.
Pat Keliher spoke about the community process to date. Suncal held three planning
charettes with community groups from the Oak Knoll area and anyone interested in the Oak
Knoll development. The planner, Peter Calthorpe, presented at the community meetings.
Peter Calthorpe typically seeks diversity and balance for plans, pays attention to the human
and pedestrian scale, and conservation and restoration.

Questions were posed by the PAC members.
Nanette Barrie and Maria Sanchez asked about the long-term maintenance of the open
space. Is the City expected to do the long-term maintenance?
Pat Keliher responded that no the City is not expected to do the maintenance.
Kathy Chao asked what the discussion was about developing schools.
Pat Keliher responded that there is concern but no detailed discussions at this time.

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