Memo from Secretary to the Historical Advisory Board to HAB regarding Public hearing to consider a Certificate of Approval to relocate and reuse three (3) Quonset Huts from the Northwest Territory at Alameda Point to 2300 Monarch, September 1, 2016



1. Project Design Concepts

2. Serraino, Pierluigi: Quonset Hut Historic Resource Evaluation and Relocation Project Report

3. Draft Resolution


The City of Alameda proposes to relocate three Quonset huts from their existing location in the Northwest Territory at Alameda Point to 2300 Monarch Street, which is at the intersection of Monarch Street (“Spirits Alley”) and West Tower Avenue in the NAS Alameda Historic District. The relocated Quonset huts will be retrofitted together with Buildings 614 and 405 to create a manufacturing and food service “village” for a future wine/cider manufacturing tenant.

Pursuant to the Historic Preservation Ordinance, the HAB shall approve a Certificate of Approval for alterations and improvements to historic resources. The requirement for a Certificate of Approval stems from the fact that the Quonset huts will be relocated into the Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda Historic District. Staff is recommending that the Historical Advisory Board (HAB) hold a public hearing and approve a Certificate of Approval for the Project.