Memo Regarding Terms of a Lease with Saildrone, Inc, for a Five-Year Lease with Two Five-Year Extension Options and a Right of First Negotiation for the Purchase of Building 12 Located at 1050 West Tower Avenue at Alameda Pt, June, 6, 2017



1. Aerial Map of Premises

2. Premises

3. Parking Area

4. Taxiway H License Area

5. Lease



Saildrone, Inc. (Saildrone) is a Delaware corporation that designs and manufacturers wind and solar powered autonomous vehicles, which are called Saildrones. These vehicles are used for cost-effective ocean data collection. Saildrone works with governments and private companies around the globe to provide new insights about weather forecasting, carbon cycling, global fishing, and the impacts climate change has on humanity.

Saildrone is currently operating out of Building 12 under a sublease with Artemis Racing (Artemis) since February 2016. They have been at Alameda Point in Building 400 since approximately 2012 and were previously called Photon Composites This new lease will replace their current sublease once the lease commences (estimated September 1, 2017).