Memo Regarding Resolution Authorizing the Interim City Manager to Execute a Cooperation Agreement and Any Amendments Thereto between Eden Housing, Inc., January 15, 2019



1. Cooperation Agreement


Staff is seeking authorization for the Interim City Manager to execute a Cooperation Agreement with Eden Housing, the Site A affordable housing developer, as part of Eden Housing’s submittal of an Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant application for its 70-unit family housing project (up to $11.3 million). As part of the AHSC grant, transportation projects are also eligible for funding. AC Transit is proposing to purchase an additional bus to service Alameda Point ($1.3 million). City staff is recommending authorization for three potential transportation projects, improvements to a segment of Main Street (west side) between Pacific and Atlantic Avenues or a Segment of Central Avenue that would improve bicycle and pedestrian access and usage (up to $2.7 million) and installing lighting along a 0.8-mile segment of the Cross-Alameda trail ($800,000). The maximum funding request would be $16.2 million.