Memo Regarding Resolution Amending the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Base Reuse Fund Budget to Appropriate $50,000 for the Façade Grant Program. (Base Reuse 858), October 16, 2018



The City of Alameda’s Façade Grant Program (the “Program”) provides matching grants to businesses and property owners for the completion of façade improvements. Under the current Program, eligible commercial properties must be located in specific geographic areas, including Alameda’s business districts, historic station areas, and gateways.

Staff recommends expanding the Program to include all commercial storefronts in the City, with the exception of shopping centers and office parks. The focus would remain on retail and service businesses, with other business types (non-profit/cultural, office, etc.) considered on a case-by-case basis. This expansion would allow the Program to assist business and property owners at Alameda Point, as well as in locations throughout Alameda that have not previously been considered for funding.

In order to assist with the expansion of the program, staff has identified $50,000 (Base Reuse Fund 858) to supplement current Program funds.