Memo regarding Alameda Point Site A - Street Names for Blocks 6 and 7 - Applicant: Trumark Homes, LLC, September 10, 2018



1. Street Names Map of Site A
2. Draft Resolution



The City Council Street Naming Policy assigns responsibility to the Historical Advisory Board (HAB) to maintain a list of names to be used for City streets and facilities. The Planning Board is then responsible for applying the names for new streets as part of new development.

In 2016, the Planning Board approved new street names for Alameda Point Site A and approved the Development Plan and Design Review for residential development at Blocks 6 and 7. The approved Blocks 6 and 7 residential townhomes are now going through building permit plan review where individual homes will receive address assignments. It was determined by the City’s Building Official during plan review that the proposed residential units facing the two interior paseos (between Coronado and West Atlantic Avenues) will need addresses off the paseos, which were not contemplated to be named in 2016.