Memo from Redevelopment Project Manager to Planning Board Regarding Recommend City Council Approval of the Main Street Neighborhood Specific Plan at Alameda Point, January 23, 2017



1. Draft Main Street Neighborhood Specific Plan

2. Staff Response to Comments

3. Internet Survey, Survey Results and Comments



The MSN Plan fulfills the General Plan policy objectives for a transit-oriented mixed-use, mixed income neighborhood with diverse housing options, parks and open spaces, neighborhood serving businesses and transitional commercial uses. The MSN [Main Street Neighborhood ]Plan implements the vision through a variety of regulations, standards, and guidelines for both public improvements and private investment. The four major characteristics of the MSN Plan are:

I. Parks and Central Gardens: The MSN Plan establishes the Central Gardens as the center of the MSN Plan area, connecting a network of small parks and serving as the main gathering spaces for the different areas within the Plan area and reinforcing an agricultural identity already in existence.

II. Multi-Modal Network: The MSN Plan builds upon and continues the extensive planning work of the MIP to develop a balanced and comprehensive multi-modal transportation network for people walking, cycling, taking transit, and driving in the neighborhood.

III. Form Based Regulations: The MSN Plan provides specific regulations, standards, and design guidelines to shape the form of the public and private physical environment and the use of the land to create a transit-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood that is inclusive of a range of incomes and housing types, including “workforce housing”.

IV. Collaborating Partners and Phasing of Development: The MSN Plan provides phasing principles as guidance for future development of the area and recommendations for a phased development that will prioritize the consolidation and replacement of the Collaborating Partners housing.

The following provides a summary of each of the main components of the MSN Plan.