Memo from Planning Director to Planning Board Regarding Public Workshop on Alameda Point Site A Development Plan, including an Outline of the Transportation Demand Management Plan Compliance Strategy, March 23, 2015


On November 18, 2014, the City Council approved an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with Alameda Point Partners (APP), the preferred developer for a 68-acre mixed-use development site at Alameda Point (Site A) consistent with the Waterfront Town Center Plan. The ENA requires that APP complete a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) and a Development Plan for Site A before the end of the 6-month ENA period. The developer has also requested a Development Agreement (DA) that would vest the Site A's current and future project approvals for the term of the DDA. Generally speaking a DA would allow greater latitude and flexibility in imposing conditions and requirements on the project in the form of public benefits, and affords the developers greater assurance that once approved, the City's regulatory structure, e.g. its zoning code, will remain the same. The City is negotiating the terms of the DA with the developer as well. As a result, this evening's meeting is part the ongoing extensive community process that includes monthly hearings before the City Council and Planning Board, meetings with other boards and commissions, stakeholder meetings and community open houses.

The terms in the ENA with APP focus on Site A development bringing upfront transit infrastructure, such as dedicated bus rapid transit lanes and a new ferry terminal, to Alameda Point concurrent with new development; constructing utilities that serve the entire Alameda Point property that will catalyze employment uses in the adjacent adaptive reuse and enterprise areas; and funding near-term sports fields and waterfront park amenities for the entire Alameda community. Under the terms of the ENA, APP and City staff are currently working to prepare a Development Plan for the site for Planning Board review and approval in April, and a DDA for City Council review and approval in late spring.