Memo to Planning Board from Chief Operating Officer - Alameda Point and Assistant Community Development Director Regarding Alameda Point Site A Design Review for Block 10 Commercial Urban Park, January 25, 2016


1. Exhibit 1 - Block 10 Architectural Design Plans


In June 2015, the City Council unanimously approved the Site A Development Plan for a 68-acre area within Alameda Point that extends generally from the Main Street entrance to Alameda Point to the Seaplane Lagoon and the eastern edge of the Naval Air Station Alameda Historic District (Historic District).

The Site A Development Plan stipulates that the project will include approximately 14.8 acres of publicly accessible open space, parks and plazas representing approximately 22% of the 68-acre property, including a unique urban park with rehabilitated existing Navy buildings for visitor and neighborhood serving retail uses on "Block 10" at the heart of the mixed use project and across the street from the Waterfront Park. (The location of Block 10 within the Site A Development Plan is shown in the graphic below.)