Memo: Implementation Term Sheet with Mid-Pen Housing, Alameda Point Collaborative, Building Futures with Women and Children, and Operation Dignity for the Relocation and Construction of New Supportive Housing Facilities, April 4, 2017



1. Collaborating Partners Site

2. Map of Collaborating Partners Existing Campus

3. First Amendment to the ENA

4. Implementation Term Sheet

a. Exhibit A - Map of Collaborating Partners Existing Campus

b. Exhibit B - Collaborating Partners Site



On December 15, 2015, the City Council unanimously approved an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with Mid-Pen Housing, as Developer, and Alameda Point Collaborative (“APC”), Building Futures with Women and Children, and Operation Dignity (referred to as “The Collaborating Partners”) for a 10.4-acre site in the southeastern area of the Main Street Neighborhood, just south of West Midway, east of Orion Street in the Main Street Neighborhood at Alameda Point (Site) (Exhibit 1) to relocate and reconstruct new facilities to support the long-term needs of their communities (Project).

The Collaborating Partners’ existing leased campus consists of mostly old Navy buildings spread across 34 acres (Exhibit 2). The Project would consolidate the campus to a smaller footprint of 10.4 acres, allowing the Collaborating Partners to own their own property which will facilitate relocation of existing residents into new state-of-the-art facilities designed with supportive services interwoven into the community. The remaining land would be available for private development, under the discretion of the City Council, to help fund the infrastructure for both the Collaborating Partners’ site and the new development.

The Project will continue to allow the City to meet its obligations as the Local Reuse Authority to provide housing for formerly homeless households as defined by the Legally Binding Agreements in connection with the closure of the Alameda Naval Air Station.

On December 5, 2016, the City Council approved a First Amendment to the ENA (Exhibit 3) to extend the term of the agreement to the end of 2017 to allow time for the Main Street Neighborhood Specific Plan to be approved. The First Amendment also added new requirements and terms, including: 1) approval by the City Council of an Implementation Term Sheet no later than April 30, 2017 to establish the essential business terms and framework for the transfer and development of the property; 2) a negotiated Disposition and Development Agreement (“DDA”) and Development Site Plan no later than December 31, 2017; and 3) an extension of the term at the sole discretion of the City Manager for no more than two times for up to three months each time.

A similar process was used in the negotiations of the Site A DDA with the City Council approving a non-binding term sheet to use as a guide to address key issues in the DDA at the same time that the Development Plan was reviewed and approved through the City’s planning process.

The Main Street Neighborhood Plan was approved by the City Council on March 21, 2017.