Memo from City Planner to Planning Board Regarding Public Hearing to Review and Comment on the Draft Alameda Point Zoning Ordinance Amendment, November 13, 2013


In summary, staff believes that the draft Zoning Ordinance Amendment will:

· Bring the City of Alameda Zoning Ordinance into conformance with the City of Alameda General Plan policies for Alameda Point;

· Facilitate the redevelopment and reuse of Alameda Point as envisioned in the Reuse Plan and the General Plan;

· Support and protect the wildlife habitat at Alameda Point; and

· Protect and enhance the Historic District;

· Support creation of a transit-oriented, pedestrian friendly assortment of unique sub-districts and neighborhoods; and

· Effectively guide future City Council, Planning Board, and staff decision-making as the City attracts and guides private investment in new infrastructure and development and the rehabilitation and improvement of existing structures and open spaces at Alameda Point.