Memo from City Planner and the Chief Operating Officer of Alameda Point to the Historical Advisory Board Regarding Alameda Point Planning Documents, October 3, 2013


The following outlines some of the key historic preservation issues presented by the draft Planning Approvals:

· Redevelopment and replacement of infrastructure, and improvements to address sea level rise and other health and safety issues, will require significant changes to contributing features of the NAS Alameda Historic District, such as sea-wall improvements to the Seaplane Lagoon and estuary edge, and possible changes to the configuration of the streets and landscaping within the NAS Alameda Historic District.

· Certain contributing buildings may not be economically feasible to rehabilitate and reuse, especially considering the cost of installing new infrastructure. As a result, some buildings may not be viable to rehabilitate and reuse.

· Reuse and redevelopment of the Seaplane Lagoon with a marina, ferry terminal and possibly a natural western edge, and of the taxiways directly north of the Seaplane Lagoon with new streets, a waterfront promenade, and buildings will significantly change the existing character of the Seaplane taxiway, and lagoon, which are contributing features to the district.

· New guidelines for in-fill development within the NAS Alameda Historic District will be prepared before new in-fill development can occur and are being prepared for the Town Center and Waterfront Area as part of the Town Center Plan. These guidelines will help the City make decisions about new development in the NAS Alameda Historic District.

· The HAB will be an essential board in the Alameda Point development process. All future guidelines and all modifications and development within the NAS Historic District will require HAB review.