Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Recommendation to Approve Phase 0 (Phase Zero) Activities Plan for Site A at Alameda Point, September 15, 2015


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Recommendation to Approve Phase 0 (Phase Zero) Activities Plan for Site A at Alameda Point. (Base Reuse 819099)
To: Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Elizabeth D. Warmerdam, Interim City Manager
Re: Recommendation to Approve Phase 0 Activities Plan for Site A at Alameda Point


On July 7, the City Council approved a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with Alameda Point Partners (APP) for Site A at Alameda Point, a 68-acre mixed-use development, including approximately 150,000 square feet of retail space. The period of time between DDA approval and the construction of permanent new retail amenities creates an excellent opportunity for a full calendar of place-making and site activation events, referred to as Phase 0. This is an idea suggested and embraced as part of the Waterfront Town Center Plan planning process in 2014.

Specifically, the DDA requires that APP prepare a Phase 0 Activities Plan and present it to the City Council within 45 days of the Effective Date or by September 20, 2015. Per the DDA, the Phase 0 Activities Plan must include:

• A detailed annual budget broken down by category of expenditures and projected revenues;

• A first event that occurs no later than 60 days after Council approval of the Phase 0 Activities Plan; and

• A calendar for the first year of Phase 0 Activities that includes site plans and marketing plans for each event.

APP submitted a Phase 0 Activities Plan to the City that meets all of the requirements of the DDA. The following discussion provides a detailed summary of the goals of APP’s proposed Phase 0 Activities Plan, the strategy behind the schedule, and a description of the proposed events.


APP has submitted a robust Phase 0 Activities Plan that aims to achieve four main goals:

1. Immediately create activity and be an "interest generator" for the waterfront at the core of Site A. This will draw Alamedans and regional visitors to Alameda Point; increase awareness of the project; maximize the potential for fostering a high-quality mixed-use community; and create greater value for the other components of the development. By creating a calendar of events that appeals to various interest groups - families, active lifestyle enthusiasts, and those interested in the maker arts, craft food and beverage, APP has produced a place that will be widely inclusive over time.

2. Lay the foundation of a three to four year program that will serve as an incubator for the retail development component of Site A by creating a low-cost environment for retail activity and entertainment uses, which allows them to occur concurrently with other development. Typically, new retail space construction occurs after other types of new development occurs. The full Phase 0 Activities Plan allows retail space to develop more organically, resulting ultimately in the attraction of more authentic commercial uses and a high-quality and unique retail experience.

3. Create a low-cost platform for Alameda businesses to reach a wider customer base. APP’s Phase 0 Activities Plan specifically targets partnerships with local businesses. This ensures that the nascent retail environment has a distinctly Alameda flavor, extending the footprint and feel of existing Alameda into the future site. Additionally, since the Phase 0 Activities Plan does not include any permanent construction, the up-front costs are low and the barrier to entry is minimal for local businesses. As the events ramp up over time and begin to draw a regional audience, Alameda businesses will benefit from the increased exposure and already established customer base.

4. Provide waterfront amenities for the entire Alameda community’s enjoyment, which galvanizes the much-anticipated process of integrating Alameda Point with the rest of the City.

The challenge facing APP is to strategically manage their resources and gradually generate a buzz during the construction period, while utilizing a site that lacks existing infrastructure to support the proposed events. Nearly all of the proposed events are anticipated to be outside since the sites lack potable water, toilets, and electricity. This requires an upfront investment by APP to fund the required infrastructure for Phase 0 activities, including special events logistics and temporary structures such as the beer garden, bike playground and waterfront pop up space.

To create gradually increasing excitement about development at the Base, the Phase 0 Activities Plan Event Calendar mixes recurring events that create a known quantity and draw repeat customers with larger one-off events that expand the Site A brand slowly over time. (See the Phase 0 Activities Plan - Event Calendar in Exhibit 1) The proposed schedule, which includes at least one event for every single month of the year, calls for an initial cluster of events in October 2015, followed by a limited series of events over the winter when weather is inclement, followed by a springtime increase as the weather improves. The October cluster includes the Alameda Point Pumpkin Patch, an inaugural Antiques Fair After Party (featuring Alameda-based beer and food vendors), and the Tinkering School Day Camp, where children can learn problem-solving skills through creative hands-on experiences. (See the Phase 0 Activities Plan - Event Descriptions in Exhibit 1 for detailed event explanations, local partners, marketing plan, and site plans for each event.)

Over the colder months, a Christmas Tree lot will run from Thanksgiving to Christmas and feature a wreath making event benefitting Alameda Point Collaborative. Cold weather events will continue with the MLK Day of Service’s De-Pave Park clean-up, a second Tinkering School one-day event, and a Winter Arts Festival in March.

The slate of events then becomes more crowded in Spring 2016, building into a full summer. A busy April and May will feature the Alameda Point Nature Walk with guided tours of De-Pave Park and the waterfront; the monthly Antiques Fair After Party; a bicycle playground for all ages built by local partner Bike Hub; and a Ride on 2 Wheels event run by local business Alameda Bicycle to teach kids to ride their bicycles without training wheels. . April will also feature APP’s Signature Event, the Alameda Point Open House. This only-in-Alameda event will educate visitors about the history of Alameda Naval Air Station and give them behind-the-scenes tours of Alameda Point Studios, the Alameda Point Collaborative, and the USS Hornet. In June the first of four Outdoor Movie events (in partnership with Alameda Recreation and Parks Department) will occur.

The schedule continues on through the summer months with the opening of the Waterfront Café and Wind Shelter on weekends for the entire summer and continuing Outdoor Movie Nights and Antique Fair After Parties. This Phase 0 Activities Plan proposal covers the first year. APP will return to City Council annually for approval of the Phase 0 Activities Plan for years two and three. To realize this schedule, APP has committed $592,150 over the first year, with $375,000 dedicated to establishing the infrastructure necessary to make these event spaces usable for repeat events. (See the Phase 0 Activities Plan - Budget in Exhibit 1)

All events included in the Phase 0 Activities Plan will be subject to a license agreement between the City and APP, and, when appropriate, events will be required to obtain a special event permit, ensuring that all City agencies are kept informed. (See the Proposed Form of License Agreement attached as Exhibit 1)


All Phase 0 Activities are funded entirely by APP. There is no financial impact to the General Fund or the Base Reuse Department budgets.


Not applicable.


On February 4, 2014, the City of Alameda certified the Alameda Point FEIR in compliance with CEQA. The FEIR evaluated the environmental impacts of redevelopment with reuse of the lands at Alameda Point consistent with the Alameda Point Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan, which included Phase 0 Activities at Site A. These events are consistent with the Alameda Point Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan.


Approve Phase 0 Activities Plan for Site A at Alameda Point.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Ott, Chief Operating Officer - Alameda Point


Lev Kushner, Project Manager

Financial Impact section reviewed,

Elena Adair, Finance Director


1. Phase 0 Activities Plan

2. Proposed Form of License Agreement