Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Providing Direction on the Disposition and Development Strategy for Alameda Point Based on a Presentation of Alternatives, June 6, 2012


Staff presented some initial thoughts and findings regarding a Disposition and
Development Strategy (Strategy) to the City at its December 7 , 2011 meeting, and
made a presentation on staff' s proposed Strategy to the City Council on February 7
2012. On March 20 , 2012 , staff recommended a Strategy for Alameda Point to the City
Council , including specific next steps , and received direction from the City Council to
come back in May with more detailed information on a budget, schedule, and
development advisor. On May 8 , 2012 , the City Council rejected staff's recommendation
and provided direction to come back on June 6 , 2012 to present Strategy alternatives
again for City Council consideration. As requested by the City Council , this staff report
presents information on alternatives for the Strategy. Based on the information
presented this evening, staff is seeking direction to proceed with next steps on one of
the proposed Strategy alternatives.