Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Leases and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute the Terms of Lease with National Response Corporation, Environmental Services (NRC) for Bldg. 15 Located at 1605 Ferry Point and Bldg. 616, July 19, 2016



1. Leased Premises

2 NRC Lease for Building 15

3. NRC Lease for Building 616


In 2008, National Response Corporation, Environmental Services (NRC) was awarded the port management contract for Alameda Point. As part of their role as port manager, NRC paid no rent. After the City selected a new port manager in March 2016, NRC’s use of the property required a lease with the City. Currently, NRC is under a temporary license, awaiting approval of the proposed leases. Upon commencement of the lease, if approved by the City Council, the license will be terminated.