Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with Alameda Point Partners for Development of Site A at Alameda Point, November 18, 2014



In April 2014, the City Council provided direction to staff to issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from developers for a residential mixed-use development site at Alameda Point, which consists of approximately 68 acres within the Waterfront Town Center (WTC) zoning sub-district (Site A) (Attachment 1). That evening the City Council also approved a form of Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA). The RFQ process and the selection of a preferred developer for Site A is the culmination of an extensive community planning process for Alameda Point that will not be truly finalized until a development plan and agreement are approved by the City Council next year, as described in more detail below.