Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Draft Main Street Neighborhood Specific Plan for Alameda Point, November 1, 2016



1. Draft Main Street Neighborhood Specific Plan (Hand-out)



Over the course of the last year, City staff and Urban Planning Partners (UPP), with funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), have been working on a Main Street Neighborhood (MSN) Plan for Alameda Point. Alameda Point is a designated Priority Development Area (PDA) in the Bay Area’s sustainable communities strategy (Plan Bay Area), which makes Alameda Point eligible for regional funds to plan and implement transit-oriented land use plans.

The MSN Plan (Exhibit 1) is a specific plan for development of the Main Street Neighborhood, which covers approximately 108 acres, comprising the community south of the Alameda Main Street Ferry terminal and north of the Town Center and waterfront land surrounding the historic Seaplane Lagoon. An approved Specific Plan is required before new development can occur in the Main Street Neighborhood Sub-district per the Alameda Point Zoning Ordinance (Alameda Municipal Code 30-4.24), which was approved by City Council on February 4, 2014 (Figure 1-2).

The draft MSN Plan represents another major step in the public planning process that the Alameda community has undertaken to redevelop and reuse the former Alameda Naval Air Station, commonly referred to as Alameda Point. The planning and redevelopment process that pre-dates the release of the draft MSN Plan is summarized as follows: