Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Contract in the Amount of $360,000, to Ellis and Ellis Sign Systems for Alameda Point Temporary Wayfinding Signage Program, September 16, 2014



The City is proposing a short-term (three to five years) Sign Program for Alameda Point to provide a thematically consistent group of wayfinding signs. The proposed signs include street names, addressing, informal landmarks and district naming. Signs are proposed for up to 25 locations throughout Alameda Point.

Square Peg Design developed and presented a temporary signage program to the Historic Advisory Board on April 2, 2014. Board comments were incorporated into the plan and it was subsequently presented to the Planning Board April 14, 2014. The Planning Board discussed the master sign plan and approved it on May 15, 2014. The approved plan is attached as Exhibit 1.

The project will facilitate visitor wayfinding, highlight attractions and key tenants, and help create an enhanced sense of place for current and future tenants. The principal goal of the project is to generate tenant interest in Alameda Point, in anticipation of future development.