Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Approving a Lease and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Documents Necessary to Implement the Terms of a Lease with Pacific Automated, LLC dba Brix Beverage for Five Years with an..., June 17, 2014



Pacific Automated, LLC, dba Brix Beverage, is a privately owned Bay Area business that provides one-stop services to food service management companies, nightclubs and restaurants. Pacific Automated provides fountain soda, juice, teas, and mixers to its clients, as well as servicing and repairing beverage dispensing machines. Launched in 2011, the business expanded quickly with the acquisition of Dr. Pepper's existing ice machine leasing business, and subsequently the purchase of Dr. Pepper's fountain beverage sales and distribution line. The company now has over 950 direct sales and delivery customers along 15 service routes from San Francisco to Monterey County and operates debt-free. Built on an environmentally-focused business model, everything from their containers to their reverse-osmosis and UV-water cleansing systems, to the biodiesel fuel used to operate their equipment is designed to be environmentally responsible.

Later this year, Brix plans to launch its new line of bottled watered beverages, BXZero. Made completely out of biodegradable material, BXZero has zero sugar and zero impact on the environment. Within the next two years, Brix has plans to partner with a local well-known organic brewing company (confidential at this time) to begin brewing and eventually distributing from the Alameda Point location. In the summer of 2015 a Fountain Soda Bar will open to the public allowing kids and adults to create their own custom soda flavors and enjoy pub-style food.