Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Amendment to an Agreement with Russell Resources for Environmental Consulting Services for Alameda Point Extending the Term for 12 Months and Adding $144,500 to the Project Budget, June 18, 2013


Russell Resources' proposed scope of work for fiscal year 2013/2014 is summarized below:

Review, and prepare comments on technical environmental documents
published by the Navy, along with reports and work plans in support of the
successful transfer and redevelopment of Alameda Point;

Attend all Base Closure Team, RAB meetings and other technical meetings with
the Navy, environmental regulators, and the City;

Prepare a written summary of the highlights of RAB meetings for the City

Assist the City in facilitating future phases of conveyance and future
development; and

Draft a Site Management Plan for Alameda Point to facilitate development
consistent with the environmental conditions of the Alameda Point property; and
facilitate its approval by the Navy and environmental regulators.