Memo from Chief Operating Officer, Alameda Point to the Recreation and Park Commission, October 10, 2013


City staff recommends that the discussion this evening focus on the Recreation and Park Commission providing feedback on the following key recreation and park planning concepts contained within the Planning Approvals:

• SOM's draft Open Space Concept for the Town Center Plan includes a proposed approach to each edge of the Seaplane Lagoon (Page 57, Exhibit 6).

• The SOM draft Landscaping Plan for the Seaplane Lagoon (Page 62, Exhibit 6) introduces new and more detailed ideas for the waterfront spaces around the Seaplane Lagoon, including a "de-pave" park along the western edge and adaptive floating wetlands in the Seaplane Lagoon.

• SOM is also proposing "Phase 0" improvements (Page 100, Exhibit 6) that include temporary outdoor soccer fields along the northern edge of the Seaplane Lagoon that help activate the "town center" area on an interim basis until new development and permanent improvements are constructed.

• The draft MIP discusses allowing the northern shoreline of the more passive open space planned on the existing runways and possibly the western edge of the Seaplane Lagoon be allowed to inundate as sea levels rise over time (Pages 22-23 of Exhibit 7).