Memo from Chief Operating Officer - Alameda Point and Assistant Community Development Director to Historical Advisory Board Regarding Workshop on Alameda Point Site A Design Review for Block Eleven Architectural Design and adjacent..., January 7, 2016



1. Block 11 Architectural Design and adjacent Waterfront Street Plans

2. Waterfront Park Plans

3. Approved Cultural Landscape Guidelines for Historic District

4. Historic District Infill Guidelines from Town Center Plan


In July 2014, the City Council approved a Waterfront Town Center Specific Plan (Town Center Plan) for the area of Alameda Point that includes the Ralph Appezzato entrance to Alameda Point at Main Street and the taxiways, several of the seaplane hangars north of the Seaplane Lagoon, and the Seaplane Lagoon, which are partially located within the Naval Air Station Alameda Historical District (Historic District). The Town Center Plan includes guidelines for new construction within these portions of the Historic District and guidelines for how to treat the contributing cultural landscape features.

In June 2015, the City Council approved the “Site A" Development Plan for the 68-acre area within the Town Center Plan area that extends from the Ralph Appazzato Entrance at Main Street to the Seaplane Lagoon. The Site A Plan (shown below) was designed to achieve a number of important General Plan, Zoning, and historic preservation objectives.

Since the City Council action on the Development Plan, the project proponents, Alameda Point Partners (APP), have been working with their design consultants, park planners, a Planning Board Subcommittee and City staff to prepare detailed designs for the individual buildings and parks within Site A.

On December 14, 2015, the Planning Board held a study session to review the initial designs for the first building to be designed on Block 11 and the adjacent waterfront street. The western portions of the Block 11 building and portions of the waterfront street are located within the Historic District. As a result, the Block 11 building will require a Certificate of Approval from the HAB in addition to design review approval from the Planning Board.

Additionally, on January 11, 2016, the Planning Board will hold a study session to review the plans for an initial phase of the adjacent waterfront park (Exhibit 2). The Waterfront Park is located on the northern edge of the Seaplane Lagoon within the Historic District and will also require a Certificate of Approval from the HAB, in addition to design review approval from the Planning Board. The design will also be reviewed by the Recreation and Parks Commission on January 14, 2016.