Memo from Assistant Community Development Director to Planning Board Regarding Provide Direction on Alameda Point Site A: (1) Blocks 6 and 7 Architectural Design, (2) Blocks 6 and 7 Parking Design, (3) West Atlantic Gateway Design and..., May 23, 2016



1. History of Planning for Site A

2. Block 6 Architectural Design Plans

3. Block 7 Architectural Design Plans

4. West Atlantic Street Design

5. Proposed Street Names

6. Memorandum from Nelson/Nygaard regarding Parking Design of Blocks 6 and 7 Related to Site A TDM Compliance Strategy


In June 2015, the City Council unanimously approved the Site A Development Plan for a 68-acre area within Alameda Point that extends generally from the Main Street entrance to Alameda Point to the Seaplane Lagoon and the eastern edge of the Naval Air Station Alameda Historic District (Historic District). For those residents and interested parties that are new to the 20-year community planning process that has proceeded these design review discussions, a summary of the Alameda Point planning process is attached as Exhibit 1.

On March 14, 2016, the Planning Board approved the Design Review applications for Blocks 11 and 8 and the Phase 1 waterfront park, and on April 11, 2016, the Planning Board held a study session to review the architectural and landscape design for Blocks 9 and 10.

At this time, staff would like to invite the Alameda community and Planning Board to review and comment on the initial architectural and parking design for the proposed townhomes on Block 6 (Exhibit 2) and Block 7 (Exhibit 3). Staff would also like to invite the Planning Board to review and comment on the design for the West Atlantic Street configuration and gateway design (Exhibit 4) and the proposed street names for the side streets at Site A (Exhibit 5). No final actions are recommended on any of these items at this time.