Memo from Alameda Point Zoning Sub-Committee to Planning Board Regarding Preliminary Zoning Sub-District Purpose Statements, October 14, 2013


Over the last several months, the Alameda Point Zoning Subcommittee has been working with staff to refine and improve the draft Zoning Ordinance for Alameda Point.

At this time, the Subcommittee would like to review the sub-district purpose statements with the Planning Board. The proposed purpose statements describe the purpose and intent of sub-districts shown on the draft zoning map (see Exhibit A.) If the Planning Board endorses the proposed purpose statements, the subcommittee and staff will be able to continue work on the Zoning Ordinance to ensure that the balance of the regulations are supportive and consistent with the purpose statements.

The current draft of the full ordinance is included in Exhibit B. Exhibit B is for information purposes only. Staff and the subcommittee are not requesting Board endorsement of the full ordinance at this time.