Memo from Acting City Planner and Chief Operating Officer of Alameda Point to Planning Board regarding Public Scoping Meeting for the Environmental Impact Report for the Alameda Point Project ..., January 28, 2013

Alameda Point Zoning Ordinance Amendments, Master Infrastructure Plan, Town Center Plan and associated Zoning and General Plan Amendments. The applicant, the City of Alameda, is proposing to prepare and adopt zoning ordinance amendments, a master infrastructure plan, a town center plan, and associated General Plan and Zoning Amendments to guide and direct the future reuse and redevelopment of Alameda Point consistent with the Community Reuse Plan and General Plan. Alameda Point is located on lands west of Main Street in western Alameda, California. The January 28, 2013 public hearing is an opportunity for members of the public to identify specific issues to be addressed in the plans.