Letter to Oakland City Attorney Regarding Hazard Posed by SunCal's Oak Knoll Development, September 2, 2009


As you are the city attorney for Oakland I want to notify you of a situation that presents an extreme and imminent danger to thousands of Oakland residents which has been allowed to worsen considerably, and has been perpetuated, under Oakland’s oversight.

SunCal/Lehman LLC made a calculated business decision more than a year ago to abruptly and irresponsibly abandon their 165 acre development at the former Oak Knoll naval hospital site, located in Oakland, which totals 174 acres. They dumped onto their neighbors, whom they courted when it was convenient, a deadly situation which threatens the lives of thousands of Oakland residents as well as hundreds of homes should a fire break out at the site. (I have copied SunCal here, as well as City of Alameda officials and others, in light of the fact that SunCal, after abandoning Oak Knoll, is conducting business as usual in Alameda in an attempt to develop prime property there.)

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