Joint Transportation Commission and Planning Board Special Meeting: TIGER Grant Application: Naval Air Station Alameda Multimodal Regional Connections Project, February 25, 2015


The proposed project includes improvements to three major thoroughfares: Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway (RAMP), Stargell Avenue, and Main Street/Central Avenue. More specifically, the work - which is all consistent with the Alameda Point Master Infrastructure Plan - entails the following transportation improvements:

1. RAMP Improvements

· Multimodal trails and dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes on RAMP between Webster Street and Orion Street in Alameda Point

· Signal improvements and transit priority at RAMP and Webster Street

· Intersection modifications and signal improvements at RAMP and Main Street

2. Stargell Avenue Improvements

· Stargell Avenue Class I trail between Main Street and Fifth Street

· Stargell Avenue queue jump lanes at Main Street and Fifth Street

3. Main Street and Central Avenue Improvements

· Reconstruction of Main Street between Pacific Avenue and RAMP, adding rain gardens and multimodal trails

· Realignment of Central Avenue

· Central Avenue bicycle improvements between Pacific Avenue and Crown Drive