Installation Restoration (IR) Site 14 Update

Alameda Point Info Note:
In a December 2010 Technology Transition Technical Memo for Installation Restoration Site 14 the Navy reviewed their multiple efforts to remediate the groundwater at the area formerly known as the Fire Fighter Training Area. It's located along the Oakland Estuary in the Northwest Territories. After reaching 80% cleanup, they decided that continuing to inject remediation chemicals would offer little return for the effort. Instead, they say they are close enough to remediation goals to allow the remaining vinyl chloride contamination to degrade naturally. They say it will take between two and a half years and about five and a half years. Periodically they will monitor the groundwater by using wells that will remain in place. Planned use for the area is open space.

The Navy's Technical Transition Technical Memo of December 2010 linked below says, "This tech memo contains summary information about site characteristics, contaminants of concern (COCs), RAOs, RAs performed to date, ongoing activities, and plans for remedy transition."

"Technical Transition" and "remedy transition" in plain language means they are shifting gears or changing course. In this case, the new course or new remedy is "wait and see."