Final EIR for Alameda Point: Response to Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report, December 2013


This EIR Response to Comments Document for the proposed project contains information in response to comments raised during the public comment period.

Chapter 1,
Introduction, describes the CEQA process and the organization of this Response to Comments Document.

Chapter 2,
Agencies, Organizations and Individuals Commenting on the Draft EIR, lists all agencies, organizations, and persons that submitted written comments on the Draft EIR during the public review and comment period. The list also indicates the receipt date of each written correspondence.

Chapter 3,
Responses to Written Comments on the Draft EIR, contains comment letters received during the review and comment period. The responses to the comments are provided following each letter.

Chapter 4,
Responses to Comments Received at the Public Hearings on the Draft EIR, contains a
summary of all environmental topics raised regarding the Draft EIR at the public hearings held at the Planning Board meeting and joint City Council-Planning Board meeting on September 9 and September 25, 2013, respectively.

Chapter 5,
Revisions to the Draft EIR, contains text changes to the Draft EIR. Some changes were
initiated by the City; others were made in response to comments received on the Draft EIR.