Federal Business Opportunities: Former Alameda Naval Air Station, Solicitation Number: W52P1J10R0150


On 28 June 2011, JMC and ACC-RI was notified by the Navy that the
planned remediation efforts at Alameda had substantially changed.
These substantial changes included, changes to the schedule and
quantity of disposal for Site 1 and Site 17, which were the sites
being solicited for under the subject solicitation, and
additional site remediation was now being planned. For example,
in the solicitation, Site 1 remediation was to occur between May
2011 and May 2012 and approximately 15,006 tons of material would
be generated. The schedule for this effort was moved to late
2012 and the amount of material had decreased to half of the
original estimates. In the solicitation, Site 17 remediation
efforts were scheduled for May 2011 to September 2011 and 28,700
tons of material would be generated. Due to findings during the
remediation efforts by the Navy prime remediation contractor,
only of the Site 17 was completed during the original schedule
performance period. The remaining efforts by the Navy contractor
will begin early 2012. In addition to Site 1 and 17, the Navy
has remediation requirements for additional sites located at the
Former Alameda Point NAS that would be requiring service similar
to Site 1 and Site 17.