Draft National Register Nomination - NAS Alameda


National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

The NAS Alameda Historic District, covering approximately 406.5-acres, is located within the former Naval station and contains 100 contributors including 99 contributing buildings and structures, and one contributing site: a historic designed landscape. The historic district has 58 non-contributing buildings, structures, and objects (see table below and Figure 1). The historic district encompasses the buildings and landscape that adhere to the original master plan and architectural design of an Interwar-era designed Naval station. The layout and construction of NAS Alameda was conducted under a master planning process that has been referred to as a “total base design.” In addition to the careful master planning for the station following principles of organization, functionality, hierarchy, and efficiency, the Navy also designed prominent buildings on the station in a manner that corresponded with the efforts to create a modern and organized facility. This was achieved by adhering the station’s plan to a Beaux Arts formal spatial layout and by designing most of its prominent buildings in the Moderne style, which blended neoclassical proportion, symmetry, and order with modern design concepts of the time. The planning and architecture on NAS Alameda demonstrate trends that the U.S. Navy’s Bureau of Yards and Docks (BuDocks) designers drew upon related to campus planning, modernistic design, and the continued traditional architectural expressions of federal buildings during the late 1930s