City of Alameda Press Release: New Alameda Point Entry During Construction, June 19, 2018


New Alameda Point Entry During Construction
New access point at Trident Avenue opens as Atlantic Avenue access point closes

Construction has begun on the first phase of the $1 billion mixed-use, transit-oriented waterfront development at the gateway to Alameda Point, called Site A. Site A is located in the middle of Alameda Point and effectively splits Alameda Point in half. The Main Street Ferry Terminal, Antiques Faire, Spirits Alley, Bladium, and Lexington and Multi-Purpose fields are located to the north, and the USS Hornet is located to the south. Due to construction taking place, extended road closures will occur in the middle of Alameda Point at Ferry Point and Orion Street. In addition, the Atlantic Avenue entrance will be closed at Main Street and a new entrance to Alameda Point will open one block away at Trident Avenue. Please see the map below for details.