City of Alameda Press Release: Google Spreads Its Wings in Alameda, March 6, 2014

The Google-owned wind energy company, Makani Power, is substantially expanding its presence at Alameda Point. Google has renewed Makani’s lease for up to 21 years with an additional 110,000 square feet (it currently leases 17,000) of industrial space in a former naval airplane hangar. The lease gives Google the first right to negotiate for an additional 367,000 square feet in immediately adjacent hangars when those properties become available. Google will also have the option to purchase the buildings should the City make them available in the future.

“We’ve been proud to have Makani call Alameda Point its home for the past seven years,” said Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore. “This lease for the additional space will help them and Google scale up their prototypes and become a hub for new and inspiring innovations.”

Makani Power, which takes its name from a Hawaiian word that means wind or breeze, is an Alameda startup company, working on a prototype device to harness high-altitude wind energy. The company’s goal is to make wind energy cost competitive with fossil fuels. Google acquired Makani in 2013. See for more information.