California Environmental Quality Act Findings and Statement of Overriding Consideration for the Alameda Point Project, December 2013


The City of Alameda ("City"), as lead agency under the California Environmental
Quality Act ("CEQA"), Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq., has prepared the Final
Environmental Impact report for the Alameda Point Project (State Clearinghouse No.
2013012043) ("Final EIR"). The Final EIR is a project-level EIR pursuant to Section 15161 of
the Guidelines for implementation of CEQA ("State CEQA Guidelines"). 1 The Final EIR
consists of the September 2013 Public Review Draft Alameda Point Project Environmental
Impact Report ("Draft EIR"), the December 2013 Response to Comments on the Draft EIR
("Response to Comments document"), and revisions to the Draft EIR contained in the Response
to Comments document.