Alameda Point Focus: The Navy’s Environmental Program Newsletter, Summer 2010


Since Alameda Point closed in 1997, the Navy has been actively
investigating and cleaning up the base. It is currently estimated
that of the 845 acres identified as needing cleanup investigations
and work: 13% is still being investigated, 32% is through
investigation and the final remedy will soon be selected, 33%
is undergoing final site cleanup, and 22% needs no further
environmental work. All remedial actions at Alameda Point are
projected for completion between 2011 and 2017. After these
sites are remediated, property transfer to various entities can
take place, paving the way for successful redevelopment by the
local community. For a map of all the sites at Alameda Point,
see page 4. The cleanup sites are called Installation Restoration
(IR) Sites, and each one is numbered, so the IR number and the
common name for the site are listed below. This issue of the
newsletter is intended to highlight the successes and ongoing
work at the base.